Haring after the Plane Art Journal Spread

Haring after the plane – youTube. For this art journal spread I was inspired by brown hares which were traditional Winter fare in the UK. There is some debate still over how native a species the brown hare is. Their boxing behaviour is explained now by the females rebuffing the males in Spring. However, it […]

Illustration1 Exercise List

There follows a list of links to all the exercises in the course. I have set each link to open in a new tab so that this page can remain open for easy access as I have other content on this website not related to the OCA course. Final Reflection Part 1 The history of […]

Final Reflection

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have developed good working processes to answer briefs and manage deadlines. I feel the feedback I have had from my tutor has helped me see things I had missed and increased my self-confidence in that it has also frequently echoed my own thoughts about each piece. For example, […]

The Mighty Oak – distress oxide background

You can see the video of me making this spread here: YouTube – The Mighty Oak. This art journal spread was inspired by Oak trees. These trees are steeped in tradition in the U.K. especially as they can grow to be so old. Their long life and great size has led to them being recognisable […]