3 Gorgeous Fluorescent Colours You Need to Use in Your Next Painting

Fluorescent colours are such fun but the paint normally fades in prolonged exposure to sunlight so an art journal is a great place to play with them as the pages are protected.

Choosing Fluorescent Colours in Paints

You can get fluorescent colours in:

format. I have added some links to the list above to products that you might want to check out. In pigment format they can be added to any binder you choose or resin, soaps, candles. I’ve only tried the pigments with resin and they do work nicely.

Fun with Fluorescent Colours

Turn a UV light on your fluorescent painting to get the real joy of these colours. Here are some paintings I have shone a light on:

Here is a link to a museum of participatory fluorescent art. And here is a link to some very cool fluorescent art. Interesting!

Art Journal Page with Fluorescent Colours

Be the reason someone smiles today
Smile with fluorescent colours
Be the reason someone smiles today
I chose the above quote because of the links between mental health and random acts of kindness (link goes to my course Playing with Paint in which we create a page about random acts of kindness). It turns out that doing nice things for other people, especially anonymously, can be really good for your own mental health as well. For me fluorescent colours are a great reason to smile so I chose 3 to use on my page:

  1. Pink
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue

You might recognise the similarity to a well known colour system? Yep, CMYK – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Likewise pink, yellow and blue fluorescents provide you with a large gamut of colours through mixing.

I started off with a dark purple background that I was hoping to leave showing through the page (got a bit carried away painting though) in many places. Then I added my design with charcoal which is easily rubbed off if you make mistakes – as I did. Then I filled in the background, adding white to my blue fluorescent acrylic to improve coverage. I mixed fluorescent pink and yellow in different quantities for the girl’s skin and the bird and mixed blue and pink with a touch of black for the dark purple. For the green I mixed fluorescent blue and yellow. The paint brush was held fairly loosely and I made strokes by dabbing with the brush changing the direction of the bristles occasionally. I think I could have been less generous with the paint application but that is one of those things about painting a page fairly quickly. It’s great to reflect after finishing so you can learn things about your own process to refer to in the next painting.

The page isn’t perfect by any means but it is a fun, colourful page and I enjoy the whimsy of it. The question is: “who is making who smile” there? I really encourage you to have fun in your art journal and not worry too much about the outcome.

Here’s the video of me painting the page:

I hope this post sparks some ideas for painting with these joyful colours and you have fun. Go bring a smile to someone’s face …… Hugs, Ceri xx

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