5 Inpiring Bloggers Who Art Journal

Sometimes I hit a slump with my art journaling. I might feel like I’ve been using the same techniques for ages or my subject matter has become boring. When this happens I like to hunt for inspiration from the art journals of others. This is when the internet is really my friend because it brings me many blogs of art journalers to search through. Here are some of the art journalers who have inspired me on my journey.

1. Tamara Laporte (Willowing Arts)

Tam is a Brighton based artist working in mixed media. She runs ‘Lifebook’ which is an online art journaling/mixed media course with a very healing focus. Typically she paints beautiful girls in a very whimsical style and bright colours with a lot of decorations. I love, love her work and originally found her through her YouTube channel where she demontrates her creative process and talks about the healing benefits of art.

2. Jane Davenport

Jane is a very bubbly Australian based artist who used to work in fashion illustration. She also typically paints girls in a variety of ways and her demonstrations can be quite loose and flowy. She is a very encouraging lady and also runs online courses from her website. She has recently released her own range of art products specifically aimed at producing ‘Jane style’ art.

3. Vicky Papaioannou

Vicky is from Greece and has a large YouTube following. She releases videos regularly and also shows card making techniques. She has a very defined style which I really enjoy. Her art journaling spreads are always gorgeous but are made with a straightforward process that you could easily try in your own art journal.

4. Traci Bautista

Traci was one of the first art journalers I found on YouTube. I have all her books which show her really free approach to art and show many ways of producing amazing spreads with free and cheap supplies. I find her work gorgeously loose, colourful and tantilizing.

5. Shel C

Shel is another mixed media artist who also demonstrate her art journaling. I found her on YouTube and was really inspired by her collaging process. She really produces some nice art this way and makes geli printing and collaging so tempting you just have to try them. Of course then you’re hooked! She also takes part in online challenges such as ‘Tag it Tuesday’ run by other artists.

I hope these references are useful to you in your art journaling adventures

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