Hi and welcome, I’m Ceri.

photo of me in front of art

I’m an enthusiastic art journal fanatic and I’m here to share my art journaling experiences and tips.  I hope to help you get more out of your art journaling whether you are new to it or have been doing it a while and are interested in the way other people build their pages.  I believe art journaling can be a therapeutic process and that making art should be enjoyable so I encourage you to find what you enjoy. 

I am also an artist and illustrator and I share some of my illustration adventures here and sell some of my work on the shop part of my website.

I see this website as like me, a work in progress.  Although I build it myself I have to make changes when time allows so please do check back to see what’s new.

New on the Blog

Magnificent Mechanical Memories – Steampunk Art Journal Page

My, inspired by steampunk art journal page is a foray into the world of ‘makivity’ (a word my son came up with at an early age to describe his cardboard creations). For steampunk is not just an aesthetic style but a whole culture around unique mechanical self built objects. The steampunk universe stretches over art, illustration, statues, sculptures, film, music, stories. When I came up with my quote:
I’m Possible, not impossible
for the first week of my next art journaling course I was reminded of the steampunk ethos. Rather than focus on the impossibility of the things we can’t do, think of ways we can make them possible. I give the example of flight; for humans it is impossible – unaided. But with the help of machines we can fly and this is where my thinking about possibility and steampunk came together. Why not a mysterious flying machine steampunk art journal page? Exactly I thought, so that’s what I did.

Easy Art Journaling with 3 Adaptable Art Supplies

Adaptable art supplies are The Holy Grail of easy art journaling. In this post I will show you how I’ve used 3 products that can be applied in different ways or with other art supplies to create different ‘looks’. The idea behind this page is to use techniques that are really easy to learn. This way you can start out with a few supplies and techniques and expand if and when you are ready. There should be no barriers to art journaling as it is such a beneficial and enjoyable activity.

3 Excellent Reasons to Celebrate World Cocktail Day

World cocktail day apparently has its origins on May 13th 1806 when the word ‘cocktail’ was coined. I couldn’t find out if it is a day that has been celebrated since then or if ‘World Cocktail Day’ itself is a newer institution. The lack of clarity notwithstanding, it cannot be denied that cocktails practically have their own religion as popular as they are.