Assignment 1 – Saying Hello

Woohoo! This brief is all about ME. Jokes aside, it’s really about my decision making process and getting me to think about how I make decisions.

Thumbnails of card ideas in my sketchbook.So I reckon I define myself largely through my interests, of which I have many. I picked some and started sketching out some thumbnails (see right).

The final piece represents me on several levels. Although I was initially going to paint the card I decided to make it the way I normally make cards as this is something I often enjoy doing. I also felt that creating the pattern on the butterfly would be easier and quicker using Adobe Illustrator.

I chose a butterfly because it is the symbol of my star sign, Gemini and I think it reflects my varied interests. Also I love the shape of butterflies. The background is blue to match the butterfly tattoo I have and I have deliberately colour co-ordinated the card as that is something I love to do.

One side of the butterfly has darker, filled in shapes while the other has outlines. This indicates the dark/light, male/female sides of my personality which ties in with my mum-dad role as a single parent.


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