Assignment 4: Magazine Illustration

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Discovery mindmapI chose the topic ‘discovery’ for this assignment and started by mindmapping my ideas relating to it. I decided to make a still life using magnifying glass, binoculars, globe, compas and tweezers. As I could not get hold of tweezers and a compass I used a magnifying glass, binoculars, and a globe. Having arranged the still life in a number of ways and taken photos for comparison I chose the ones that worked best and made some thumbnails.

Still life arrangements

From my thumbnails I chose one that showed the earth at a distance from the ‘tools’ of discovery. From this I created the linework followed by a tonal study done on a grey background with pastels.

Still life studies

I decided to bring the ‘childhood’ element of discovery into the piece by introducing a character. I made some intital sketches for the character.

Character sketches

I decided to give the character a small version of the magnifying glass to emphasise the idea that discovery is a journey that goes on from childhood through to space exploration. To emphasise the space element in the final piece I used an image of space in the background blending into the carpet of a living room.

Finished piece

I like the final piece and it is based on a still life. My other idea would have been to have the toddler looking though the big magifying glass but I thought this strayed too far from being based on a still life. I didn’t feel any further distortion was necessary to illustrate the topic.

Update Following Feedback

Discovery still life By adding the night sky I was trying to link the idea of space discovery (the notion of ultimate discovery) with childhood discoveries such that it is a process. However the resulting image made it seem like the child was on some other planet. I have removed the night sky which was causing some confusion and instead have kept the Earth/globe in the room with the child.

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