Spider Diagrams

This exercise required us to mindmap out all the words we could think of stemming from one word. We had 4 words: childhood, angry, seaside and festival. ‘Angry’ was probably, marginally, more difficult to work with and was also the one which Google provided fewest results for. There were some surprising suggestions via Google such […]

Writing a Brief

For this exercise we had to identify a piece that we connected with in some way and write the brief that might have been given for it. I chose the piece ‘Wired Sound’ or ‘Wired for Sound’ depending on the source. This is a piece that Syd Brak created for the Athena Publishing group in […]

Assignment 1 – Saying Hello

Woohoo! This brief is all about ME. Jokes aside, it’s really about my decision making process and getting me to think about how I make decisions. So I reckon I define myself largely through my interests, of which I have many. I picked some and started sketching out some thumbnails (see right). The final piece […]

Getting the Gist

This is the second exercise in part one of the course. It involves choosing an editorial piece to illustrate, reading it, highlighting key wwords and/or phrases then extracting those words/phrases and reconstructing as a concept for an illustration. I chose a piece in the Guardian online about WikiLeaks. Here is my highlighted version of the […]

The History of Illustration

This exercise involved looking back over illustrators from the past and comparing them to illustrators working now. It was really interesting to visit the work of published illustrators, especially those whose work appeared in books read as a child. It was particularly interesting that E H Shepard was disatisfied with his close association with the […]