Illustrating Visual Space

The way elements are placed within a frame has an effect on how the viewer understands the image. In particular placement can effect depth of the image, narrative, a sense of movement and scale. In this exercise we experimented with 3 subjects: a child running a tree a building I chose to work in Photoshop […]

Assignment 2 – Point of Sale Display

The second assignment involved creating 2 point of sale displays for a range of quality, seasonal fruit and veg. One was focussed on Summer and the other Autumn. The requirement for the image was that it should be an observational one done from a still life and the final image should be 12″ x 12″. […]

Choosing Content

This exercise was based around an excerpt from ‘The Daffodil Affair’ by Michael Innes. The excerpt describes a rather bleak room which I interpretted to mirror the personality of Inspector Appleby. From the excerpt I felt he would be quite stern and introspective. He seems troubled by the responsibility of the abduction files but appears […]

Working in Black & White

In this exercise we chose a word to illustrate. I chose journey. The illustration could be of objects or in a ‘more narative style’. I started off with a mindmap of words relating to ‘journey’ and then expanded this with a search on Google to create a moodboard. I then sketched out some thumbnails based […]

Exploring Drawing and Painting.

For this exercise we had to choose a subject and then explore different ways of depicting it with media. We were encouraged to use anything we had available and as I have been experimenting with mixed media in my art journaling I used the suplies I had in my ‘stash’. I interpretted that the sirit […]

Drawing from Reference

For this exercise we had to collect reference material from different sources and catalogue the images under given categories. I combined some Google searching with 2 books, Retro Graphics: A Visual Sourcebook to 100 Years of Graphic Design and The Fifties Source Book, and a visit to the North Wales 1950s museum. Some of my […]

Mood Board

For this exercise we had to choose a word from the previous exercise and collect imagery stemming from our sketches. My search re-enforced the association of bright colours with ‘exotic’ and also brought to light the many interesting textures that exist, mainly from animal skins. I thought these textures provide opportunities for further exploration so […]