Client Visuals

I have interpretted client visual to mean rough sketch from the example shown in the course booklet. I have seen that people have varying degrees of ‘roughness’ however where it comes to ‘roughs’. I guess mine are a little on the rougher side but were all done freehand and very quickly with no tracing involved. As I understand it this should be quite quick work to show the layout of the piece and to provide a basis of understanding and is a stage before linework.

I chose the first illustration, ‘Artemis’ by Joanna Burnam which I couldn’t find on her actual site. The second illustration I chose is ‘Cutting Board’ by Alison Carmichael.

My understanding of art direction with client visuals is that an art director might produce a rough very quickly, due to time constraints, for an illustrator to flesh out. In this case I think my rough sketches above would suffice. However, I think to show to a client these sketches would need to be neater.

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