First Blog Post

Hello lovely person and thank you for joining me here on my website. So welcome and I hope you will visit often. I’ve set up this website to be responsive, which means it will display differently in different screen sizes and at different zooms (unless you have text only zoom – in which case I cannot answer for behaviour 😉 ). Hopefully, this will make it more readable. Anyways, if you find any niggly behaviour please send me a p.m. via the ‘contact me’ link at the bottom of the page. I will be very greatful and do my best to make improvements.

I plan to blog regularly, although there is no schedule …. yet! There will also be a newsletter and competitions in the near future.

Look out for details of my up-coming exhibition at R.S.P.B. Conwy. I would really love to meet you if you fancy a trip to Wales.

See you soon xx

Comments on First Blog Post

  • artlover says:

    Lovely new website. Am looking forward to juicy art content.
    2016-10-04 16:15:31

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