Hire Me!

I am thrilled that you are considering working with me on your project – please do look through my Portfolio, if you haven’t already, to see the types of work I have done. The menu above will allow you to request a quote for the 4 types of project specified: Art Commission, Illustration, Design.

My aim is to work with all clients to achieve the best result for them.  A good result is one which meets the client’s aims for their project.  I hope you will find me friendly, co-operative and timely.

While I am building my portfolio I am pleased to offer reduced prices and will do my best to fit your budget. I follow a set process for each type of work for your convenience and mine, to avoid any misunderstandings and difficulties.

Below is some feedback from tutors, colleagues and clients:

Reference from James Pyman – Tutor

I am Cerian York’s Tutor on the ‘Key Steps in Illustration’ course as part of the Illustration degree programme.

Cerian is a diligent and methodical student. She is self-motivated, well-organised, researches well, and experiments with visual media and technologies. Her artwork is visually interesting and developing well as the course progresses. She is reliable and consistently delivers work of a good standard to her own regular deadlines. I can recommend Cerian for the student bursary.

James Pyman (Tutor)

Reference from Dee Rivaz – Artist

Cerian participated in creative workshops I delivered to the community in her area about 5 years ago and I am impressed at the commitment she has demonstrated to her progress since. Through her own research and journaling she has begun to develop a distinct ‘voice’ of her own that comes through whatever medium and process she is experimenting with. Her interests have given a natural focus to her work and she has managed to express her emotional relationship to the subjects she has chosen to represent, giving them a distinct individuality. I feel she demonstrates a strong sense of colour and design and the potential to develop her drawing and skill in other processes, with the informed guidance that tutoring would give her.

Cerian has also used her art to help her maintain her own health and wellbeing through difficult times, which to my mind gives her empathy and insight into any future employment in the arts, either in the field of art as therapy, community art or as a model and mentor in her professional practice.

I feel she is a deserving candidate for a bursary because of the efforts she has made to overcome considerable challenges, and the commitment she has demonstrated to develop her art practice.