How to Turn Seedheads into Christmas Cards

Back in October I wrote this post about seedheads along the Wales Coast path. After collecting those seedheads I sat down and sketched them and noticing their golden and coppery colours got me thinking about Christmas.

At Christmas our family always reflect back on the year, good or bad, and store up the stories as if we are collecting little seeds from the spent plants. And then as the New Year comes in our thoughts turn to making new plans for the year ahead. like sowing the seeds we have collected. As the year progresses we notice how our seeds are growing and I, personally, like to record this in my diary. Celebrating growth is a great way to stay mentally healthy and so I want to share this metaphor at Christmas with these sparkly seedhead cards.

So I decided to make prints of the teasel and the plantain and emboss them to give that connection with Christmas that would be more recognisable.

You can see some of my process on YouTube at

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