Last Leaf Falls

Last time I was making leaf prints with a monoprinting technique. So this time I am using those prints in my Art Journal to make an Autumn themed spread. I like to work in layers in my art journal so I started off with a layer of Gelatos. Choosing the 3 Autumnal colours of gold, orange and red I went ahead and made circles all over the spread. To create a Bokkeh style look I blended the circles out with a baby wipe. This really doesn’t take long to dry so I could quite quickly add another layer. I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Ink Starburst Spray Set 2 oz Bottles 5 kg-Autumn Leaves shimmering ink sprays, which are really very good as they create lovely, shimmering effects and I have not had one get its nozzle clogged up yet. I sprayed through my leaves stencil and repeated all over the spread. Time for a break while this layer dries. Once dry, I added some matte acrylic (craft paint) in a face shape using a baby wipe again. I put it on a bit more thickly than I intended as I was going for a more translucent look. Never mind! Time to add the leaf prints from last week. I planned them out around the edges of the page then stuck them down with gel medium. Once they were dry the edges were trimmed and shadow lines added around the leaves. I worked on the face with tombow markers – this wouldn’t work with a gloss acrylic. Lastly, I added the quote:
Till The Last Leaf Falls.

This quote reminds me so much of my son who, having watched Bugs (or was it Ants), used to say the line from the film every time a leaf fell on him in the Autumn: “When the last leaf falls”. In my version we are all in it till the end so that is how long we need to fight for our rights as women.

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