Love Your Pet Day February 20 2022

Girl, cat, heart
Wild at heart
Pets are great for our mental health. They can make each day brighter, can be comfort during sad times, can add to the hilarity of good times, are great on camera and they tell no lies. Generally they are fluff balls of love so who wouldn’t want to love their pet? Sadly there are too many instances of pets not being treated well. Today is national Love Your Pet day to help us celebrate the joy they bring but also to serve as a reminder to take good care of them.

I made this illustration in Procreate after sketching out a couple of other ideas with pencil and paper. I wanted to show a close bond between the cat and the girl and have chosen warm colours to emphasise that. I couldn’t resist creating an animation with this illustration with the cat ‘booping’ the girl on the nose.

Girl and cat animation
Boop on the nose

I hope you enjoy this cute little design and that you and your pet/s had a great day.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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