Objective and Subjective Drawing

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In the first of these two exercises we had to choose an object and represent it objectively. I chose glasses and made a pencil drawing of them sitting on white paper.

In the second exercise I chose a slipper to represent subjectively. I came up with some words related to this slipper:
  1. snuggly
  2. comfortable
  3. soft
  4. warm
  5. fluffy
  6. flexible
I chose ‘warm’ as my core word because that is the benefit I get from these slippers. Then I created a moodboard of images I found that I felt connected with my sense of ‘warm’. After scanning in my linework of the slipper I created a pattern and filled the slipper with it, then added flames to show the heat coming from the slipper (not scientifically correct but it adds to the impression of ‘warm’).

Update Following Feedback

Warm slippersAs the flames made the slipper look ‘on fire’ rather than snuggly and comfy I removed them. I have added in a blue background as a cool contrast with the slippers and added another slipper to get rid of that lov=nely feel. A warmer feel could of possibly been produced by anthropomorphising the slippers, putting their arms round each other and placing them in fromt of a fireplace.

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