Organic Biscuits

I chose three extint animals that most children would be familiar with: t-rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl. As the brief allows us to chose whether to appeal to parents or to pester power I fely that colourful packaging with fun characters would appeal to children and thus assist parent who had decided to shop organic.

My research indicated that few organic packages are very child friendly. In fact there were no organic biscuits for children in the shops I visited so I photographed regular biscuits and cereal packets for child friendly packaging. I resorted to researching ‘online’ and created a Pinterest board of appealing packaging. I noticed 3 ways that packaging was made appealing:

  • turning the package itself into a character
  • featuring smiling characters
  • characters featured eating the product

To answer the ‘animal interacting with the biscuit’ part of the brief I ‘brainstormed’ a list of scenarios:

  • Biscuit as a medal for some sporting event
  • Biscuit as a reward for doing a trick
  • Dinosaur juggling with biscuits
  • Dinosaur doing circus tricks with biscuits
  • Dinosaur dreaming about biscuit
  • Dinosaur kneeling before anthropomorphic biscuit King
  • Dinosaur playing sport with biscuit
  • A dinosaur eating from a biscuit bush
  • Dinosaur ‘scouts’ eating biscuits around a campfire
  • Dinosaur evading others who want his biscuit
  • Dinosaur making biscuits
  • Dinosaur in role of mum/dad helping child cook biscuits

I liked the dinosaurs playing sport with biscuits idea and the dinosaurs helping child cook biscuits idea and decided to make thumbnails around these. Next I did some research and collected reference images of the selected dinosaurs and made a few sketches. When I was happy with these I traced them with the blob tool in illustrator to create linework.

I created the colour versions in Illustrator and made a mock up with a free mockup file for the t-rex version.

Organic ginger biscuits

Personally I think the choc chip version works the best but the colouring answers the brief fairly well. The child is not drawn convincingly enough however and I’m not sure I like the black outlines on the dinosaurs.

Update Following Feedback

I have to say I agree with my tutor in that I didn’t fully engage with this exercise previously. As a result I have pretty much redone it from the sports centric thumbnails as these seemed more fun to me. I had chosen football, basketball and tennis for the three prehistoric animals. I started with rough sketches and produced colour visuals during rendering.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ginger Cookies

Raisin Cookies

I think the illustrations are more fun and engaging than the first attempt.

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