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Art journaling involves creating imagery in a ‘journal’ which you may accompany with writing if you choose. An art journal is a place to record experiences/emotions/hopes and dreams. It can also be a place to experiment with techniques and ideas/concepts. This process of experimentation can help you get closer to expression of your true self. And you don’t have to consider yourself an ‘artist’ – in your art journal you are free to make ‘mistakes’ and do things exactly as you like them. Never mind what is considered fashionable or to look good, in your art journal You are the art director.

The above poll is intended to gather some basic info to help me decide whether to offer art journaling classes locally. I have been running several a year for the last 4 years for the mental health service. I have seen how well this activity can help people to relax and rebalance themselves and would love to offer this sort of help to others in the community. Creativity can be so invigorating and help us to deal with the draining effect of day to day life.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this poll. Best wishes

Ceri xx

Comments on Register Your Interest – Art Journaling Classes

  • Kathy Wainwright says:

    I would love but it depends when I go away at lot
    2020-01-27 18:48:35
  • 24Steps says:

    Hi Paula. I will send you details when registration opens. Best wishes xx
    2020-01-26 17:31:55
  • Paula says:

    Hi, I am interested in doing one of the courses. Can I please have more info. Thank you
    2020-01-26 11:58:47

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