Art Journaling for Mental Health


This is a short course made up of 5 'sessions'. The first shows some supplies and the next four are spreads or layouts. The videos in the course are 852 x 480 px for maximum compatibility with handheld devices. They may not work on smaller than an iPad however. Please check that the promo video above works on the device that you intend to use to access the course.

Product Description

I have created this art journaling for mental health course to help recovery although it is also appropriate as a course of art journaling for beginners. Mental health is so important and art journaling can produce a state of mental relaxation through creativity that helps the mind to heal.

DISCLAIMER: it is NOT meant to replace medical treatment but to support recovery. Always talk to your Dr about any issues you encounter.

Course Structure

  1. Supplies Introduction – has a look at some supplies that are useful for mixed media art journaling.
  2. Session 1 – Letting go and moving on. This session is about taking stock of where you are and deciding what you want to lose and what you want to keep.
  3. Session 2 – What are you? Here we celebrate the things that define us using handdrawn type.
  4. Session 3 – Who do you love? We all have loved ones, whether they are family, friends or furry friends. Here we honour them.
  5. Session 4 – What are other people saying? Sometimes other people can be a source of great distress. Here we use humour to put things in perspective.

Techniques include collage, using layers, watercolour tricks, inky splotches and washi tape shapes. I provide a list of supplies and where you can buy them on Amazon, although you could get most from a store like Hobbycraft or The Range. I also provide downloads with templates to help you create the spreads but I encourage you to create your own if you are happy doing that.

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