Pets & Emotions


Our pets can be a source of inspiration, comfort, humour or the stability of routine. In this course pet characters become the vehicles for our emotions. I show you how to create simple and fun characters from basic shapes and take you through the techniques I use to create art journal pages around these characters.

Please check that you can view/hear the following video in the device you will follow the course on. Some older devices may not be supported.

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Product Description

Course Structure

This self-paced course is delivered as 8 pages on this website: an introduction, 6 ‘sessions’ and a supplies page, with links to products I have used. Each page will give you a video of the techniques, a discussion of the prompt and pet template and quotes downloads. In the comments section at the bottom of each page you may ask questions or share your take on the prompt and there will be a Facebook group where you can share your pages and mutually support other members of the course.


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