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A Gift I would love to give
A dream
A Safe Place
Random Acts of Kindness

Playing with Paint


This is a short course made up of 4 sessions showing the construction of a page each week. The videos in the course are 852 x 480 px for maximum compatibility with handheld devices. They may not work on smaller than an iPad however. Please check that the promo video above works on the device that you intend to use to access the course.

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I named this course ‘Playing with Paint’ because playing with paint is a very accessible way to benefit from the therapeutic effects of art. To blend paint on the page, you don’t need a great deal of drawing ability to achieve a result that is pleasing. The process itself is intensely tactile and that is satisfying in itself. I show 3 different spreads that include this technique to encourage you to try it for yourself.

Course Structure

  1. Course Intro – explains what each session holds and provides some resources that you may find useful
  2. Session 1 – A Safe Space. We do a meditation that is visually oriented and leaves us with inspiration for a spread using paint, inks, oil pastels and collage.
  3. Session 2 – Random Acts of Kindness. We think about nice things strangers have done for us or vice versa and make a graphical spread using a tracing technique.
  4. Session 3 – A Gift I Would Love to Give. What would you do and for who if money was no object? We explore prompt sticks and have fun with paint on the page.
  5. Session 4 – A Dream. We revisit a dream we have had in an abstracted way, including fabric textures.


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