Wonderful Wildflower Art with metal leaf

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White 15cm x 15cm card have been edged with metal leaf matching the art piece. The art pieces have been printed out on canvas paper and mounted on the front of the cards. The insides are blank for your own message. They include an envelope.

There are a limited number of these metal leafed cards available as many sold at Qube Gallery, Oswestry.

Variations of this art that are available.
Copper CampionCopper CampionSassy seaside centaurySassy seaside centauryShimmering Sheeps BitShimmering Sheeps BitPrimrose RainPrimrose RainCute a ComfreyCute a ComfreyMellow MallowMellow MallowPlantain ParadisePlantain Paradise

Product Description

Wonderful Wildflowers is a series of acrylic paintings inspired by wildflowers seen in Wales, UK. They were painted intuitively and in layers so that each layer was influenced by the previous one. Sometimes the colours reminded me of a wildflower sometimes it was the wildflower that mostly influenced the painting.

Additional information

0.01 kg
15 x 0.5 x 15 cm


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