Spring is in Full Swing

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Apart from a few persisting cold nights, Spring is fully underway along the Dee portion of Wales coast path. The swallows have arrived, chiff chaffs are busy singing and butterflies are flitting between the ever increasing flowers. I’ve seen peacocks, orange tips, speckled browns, small blues and white butterflies so far, although I’ve only managed to photograph one or two.

Flowers and blossom that are out include:
  1. bluebells
  2. cowslips
  3. forget-me-nots
  4. violets
  5. wild garlic
  6. buttercups
  7. celandines
  8. coltsfoot – already gone to seed
  9. daffodils – been and gone
  10. mayflowers
  11. cherries
  12. periwinkle
  13. bird’s-foot-trefoil
  14. red campion
  15. gorse
I would love to hear what else has been seen around the UK coast (in the comments). Here’s some snaps I’ve taken for art inspiration:

The variety of Spring flowers makes me feel like experimenting with different textural effects and bright, inky colours.

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