Raven & Periwinkle Art Journal Spread.

I was reading about Celtic lore for February, the month of the snowdrop. The petals of the snowdrop symbolised death to the Celts so this week I had a look at lore surrounding death. The Celts believed it was unlucky to disturb the periwinkles that they grew on graves and also that it was unlucky […]

Assignment 5 – Seven Days

The final course assignment is here and it’s a very open brief. We are asked to create a series of seven illustrations, illustration strip or diagrammatic illustration on the topic of ‘seven days’. The first task is to create a full brief for the job. I started with some Google searches for what seven days […]

Organic Biscuits

I chose three extint animals that most children would be familiar with: t-rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl. As the brief allows us to chose whether to appeal to parents or to pester power I fely that colourful packaging with fun characters would appeal to children and thus assist parent who had decided to shop organic. My […]

Text and image

For this exercise I experimented with different handwritten styles to match the selection of words we were given. I then tried to match the words to fonts I have on the computer. I was a little unclear about the tasks that came next as, at times the exercise refers to ‘your word’ and at times […]

Travel Guides

This exercise left me somewhat confused. It appears to give a brief but then goes on to ask us to write our own brief; it asks for a diagrammatic illustration but then the example given takes a very painterly approach. My response was to research the various elements: travel guide diagrammatic illustration Milan Helsinki Istanbul […]

Assignment 4: Magazine Illustration

I chose the topic ‘discovery’ for this assignment and started by mindmapping my ideas relating to it. I decided to make a still life using magnifying glass, binoculars, globe, compas and tweezers. As I could not get hold of tweezers and a compass I used a magnifying glass, binoculars, and a globe. Having arranged the […]

Character Development

I found some characters in ‘Full of Characters. Character Design by 100 Illustrators’ and some on Pinterest and catalogued them using the following hashtags on this Character Design Pinterest Board: #mancharacters #childcharacters #robotcharacters #animalcharacters #fantasycharacters #surrealcharacters I decided on developing a character of a ‘single mum’ so I mindmapped out some ideas and added to […]

A Tattoo – MUM

The brief for this exercise was for a tatoo for a young man based around the word mum that could also be printed on a card for Mother’s Day. Some Tattoo History Tattoos have been in use in many cultures throughout history, as far back as the ancient Egyptians who may have used tattoos for […]

A Menu Card

The brief for this menu card graphic was that the restaurant is a high end, modern, contemporary fish restaurant. Any food should look appetising. I started off by finding some high end fish restaurants: The Easy Fish Company The Fish Restaurant The Cafe Fish It can be seen that ‘fish’ and ‘seafood’ are fairly interchangeable […]