I chose ‘workshop’ as a theme for this exercise, more specifically ‘expressive art journalling’. I run art journalling workshops in the community and their focus is on experimenting with new materials and techniques to facilitate self-expression. I chose a variety of mediums and tools and arranged them on a table. Looking at the arrangement I […]

Mother’s Day – Why it’s on Different Dates in the UK and US

March 26th, Mother’s Day in the U.K. but not all over the World. In America, for example, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. And it is not only the date that is different across the ocean. The tradition behind the celebration differs wildly too. Find these patterns on a selection of gift […]

Giving Instructions

Giving instructions can be tricky, especially when you don’t know the recipients frame of reference. This is true also of giving directions when the starting point is not known. That was the problem in the brief for this exercise and it made me tackle questions of scale and level of detail. I started with the […]

Abstract Illustration

For this exercise we were asked to work inuitively which, according to Cambridge Dictionary means based on feelings rather than facts or proof. Flora Bowley is a modern painter who employes intuition in the production of her beautiful paintings. Abstract art, on the other hand, may be thoroughly planned on concepts of composition, colour theory, […]

Assignment 2 – Point of Sale Display

The second assignment involved creating 2 point of sale displays for a range of quality, seasonal fruit and veg. One was focussed on Summer and the other Autumn. The requirement for the image was that it should be an observational one done from a still life and the final image should be 12″ x 12″. […]

Choosing Content

This exercise was based around an excerpt from ‘The Daffodil Affair’ by Michael Innes. The excerpt describes a rather bleak room which I interpretted to mirror the personality of Inspector Appleby. From the excerpt I felt he would be quite stern and introspective. He seems troubled by the responsibility of the abduction files but appears […]