Raven & Periwinkle Art Journal Spread.

I was reading about Celtic lore for February, the month of the snowdrop. The petals of the snowdrop symbolised death to the Celts so this week I had a look at lore surrounding death. The Celts believed it was unlucky to disturb the periwinkles that they grew on graves and also that it was unlucky […]

The Mighty Oak – distress oxide background

You can see the video of me making this spread here: YouTube – The Mighty Oak. This art journal spread was inspired by Oak trees. These trees are steeped in tradition in the U.K. especially as they can grow to be so old. Their long life and great size has led to them being recognisable […]

Exploring Drawing and Painting.

For this exercise we had to choose a subject and then explore different ways of depicting it with media. We were encouraged to use anything we had available and as I have been experimenting with mixed media in my art journaling I used the suplies I had in my ‘stash’. I interpretted that the sirit […]