The Cushion That Didn’t Fit In

Porsha counted to 10 as she felt the packaging around her being gently opened. Two ladies stood there smiling and admiring her and she thought “this is a happy place, I’m going to be loved”. She was placed on a table and the two ladies went out of the room, drinks in their hands chatting merrily.

Porsha decided to greet the other residents of the room. “Hello” she said, “I’m Porsha a cushion and I’d really like to get to know you all”. No reply. “Did you hear something Nelly?” said the table, to which the lampshade replied “yes it sounded like a bee trying to get through the window”. “It couldn’t have been that strange new cushion sat on Sam. She is far too colourful to have friends here” whined a sofa. Porsha’s spirits sank. Clearly not everyone appreciated her vibrant pattern.

Suddenly Porsha found herself flying through the air, attached to her corner a small, tightly clenched hand. She bounced over the edge of the table and into darkness. Under the table a light came on, illuminating a rosy cheeked face belonging to a little girl. In her hand she held a doll and on the floor was a tea set and some teddies. “Here’s your new magic chair” she confided to her doll, placing her on Porsha. Porsha felt a surge of pride and enjoyed an hour of magical adventures with her new found friends.

All too soon Mum returned and retrieved the little girl and Porsha out from under the table. Porsha was reassigned to the top of a stool. Not long did she have to wait before a wet nose started to sniff and snuffle around her. Long whiskers tickled and made her want to giggle. Then a furry black body jumped up on the stool beside her and curled up putting her head down on Porsha. A sultry voice murmured “you’re nice and comfy” and then the purring began … Porsha relaxed for the next hour or so being soothed by the relaxing sound of the cat breathing.

The evening came and Porsha was moved again. The cat had stretched and leapt down from the stool and the little cushion found herself being given to an elderly lady who was holding a cup tea. “What a darling cushion” she exclaimed, “just the thing for me to rest my hand on while I’m holding this hot cup of tea”. Porsha was thrilled to be useful. Shortly she was put down on the seat next to the ladies handbag. “Wow!”, gasped the handbag “my teal colouring is just like the teal on you. We compliment each other perfectly, don’t you think?”. “Yes,” Porsha replied and they settled down to have a good old chat about colours and fabrics.

I hope you have enjoyed this short story and it sparks some optimistic thoughts. Hugs, Ceri xx

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