The Unifying Effect of Repetition

Gif of sofa with various art
Need some sparkle, add some art
In art and design repeating elements are used to unify an image, amongst other things. Artists will often repeat a colour in different areas of a canvas to bring the background and subject together. Motifs are often repeated and if different sizes are used some sort of rhythm can be established as well as unifying.

abstract painting
St John’s Wort inspired
I often use repetition in my art in all the layers. In the final layer it is obvious as I repeat a series of pixel shapes and dashes in different parts of the canvas, for example in the image to the right (click to get a full sized view).

And art is a great way to unify a room for example by including objects that have the same design as the art in a frame on the wall. Many print on demand services, such as Redbubble, Zazzle, Society6, facilitate this really well by providing the same design across a range of objects that would be at home in any room. On the shop I sell a range of cushions that match the art elsewhere on the shop. I also make coasters and magnetic bookmarks with these designs so if you like a design you could get it repeated in a few different places. And don’t forget I can create custom art which you could also repeat around your house and help create that sense of unity too.

Hope this has been interesting.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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