Visual Metaphors

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Examples of visual metaphors
Examples of metaphors from around the web.
This exercise was about examining visual metaphors and then following a process to create one of our own.

Credits for the examples to:
  1. John Holcroft
  2. M. Ramos
  3. Ferdi Rizkiyanto
  4. Several authors unknown
These metaphors are clearly, visually powerful, eplaining the resoning behind the frequent use of metaphores in advertising. They can be used to get an idea over directly and to influence the way an audience thinks.

Opposite a child ‘lifts up’ the ocean, like a carpet, to see all the litter, that has been swept underneath.
For my own metaphor I chose the phrase ‘reaching retirement’ to illustrate and little did I know how tricky it would be! I started with a mindmap – separating the phrase into 2 words and working on them individually. I combined word mapping with quick sketches to cover as many angles as possible. For example ‘reaching’ meant stretching, possibly use of a grabber hand or reaching a goal. ‘Retirement’ brought to mind images of rest, gifts of clocks, nest eggs and relaxation.

I came up with a few ideas as rough sketches, the first of which was a man in a business suite using a grabber hand to reach for his retirment gift of a clock. When I showed this to family they weren’t clear about the clock. Feedback I got from the hourglass idea was that it had negative connotations of time running out. Although many people might agree with this, many others see retirement as a positive thing. I don’t have a particularly negative view of retirement so this idea was ditched. I mocked up some images of hands stretching up with a hammock stretched between them but this seemed to literal an interpretation.

For my final image I went back to the idea of a business man with a grabber, ‘reaching’ his retirement ‘nest egg’.

Update Following Feedback

Reaching RetirementI updated the man to show his age with grey hair, large ears and wrinkle and removed the grabber which wasn’t really adding to the meaning.

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