As a child I yearned to be an artist but, looking at art, I was overwhelmed by how an artist had chosen the colours in their painting. Nowadays I have a confident use of bold colour that characterises much of my work.

I am a self-taught artist, although I do read a lot so I must credit my development to those amazing artist/authors who have helped me along the way.  Included are: Angie Lewin, Jane Davenport, Tamara La Porte, Dina Wakely, Mark Taro Holmes, Burne Hogarth, Vic Bearcroft, Anna Mason, Ann Blockely, Alena Hennessy, Traci Bautista.

Please contact me using the form below if you would like to commission me to create some art for you. As you can see above I can work in a number of ways and I would love to work with you to create something you’ll love too.

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