Hi and welcome, I’m Ceri.

I help people who want to be more creative find ways to make art that they enjoy. I am especially keen to work with people who are recovering from mental illness and help them to start living their life again. My clients enjoy spending a couple of hours at a time not thinking about their troubles while they are learning ways to use paints, pencils, paper and other supplies.

I also make paintings for people who love bold, colourful art and want to be reminded of nature’s beauty. I particularly want to help brighten up any dull space and think you might be redecorating or moving home. Or maybe you are ill or grieving and some colourful art would help lift your spirits.

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Art Journaling with Stencils

Stencils can add a great deal to the creative experience of art journaling. With stencils you can add pattern texture, raised areas, interesting detail to layers, featured images. There are a few techniques you can use with your stencils which you can either buy or make yourself. Buying Stencils for Art Journaling Amazon is a […]

Get Started Art Journaling for Non-artists

Can a non-builder use a hammer/spanner/screwdriver? Absolutely! And there is no difference for art journaling. Many artists keep a sketchbook to collect ideas but you can keep an art journal as a non-artist to play with paint. You never have to make a ‘finished’ piece in your journal if you don’t want to and you […]

Art Journaling Background Techniques

In art journaling, background techniques are a great part of the fun.  They are a chance to get some colour down on the page and in a layering approach in art journaling, background techniques are just the first few layers which may be covered up. I tend to divide art journaling background techniques into 2 […]