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Register Your Interest – Art Journaling Classes

Art journaling involves creating imagery in a ‘journal’ which you may accompany with writing if you choose. An art journal is a place to record experiences/emotions/hopes and dreams. It can also be a place to experiment with techniques and ideas/concepts. This process of experimentation can help you get closer to expression of your true self. […]

Art Journaling by Email FREE Course

Art journaling has been such an adventure and healing process for me that I really want to encourage people to try it. And not just try it, I want to help you get a lot out of it. When I first started art journaling there was little about it online – content which I eagerly […]

Ivy Bees Art Journal Page

This year my garden has been full of life because of all the different flowers I’ve planted. It’s been thrilling. But there is one plant I have been struggling to get rid of – ivy. It had covered fences, hedges and even windows but now it is under control I have found out about a […]

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