A Menu Card

The brief for this menu card graphic was that the restaurant is a high end, modern, contemporary fish restaurant. Any food should look appetising. I started off by finding some high end fish restaurants: The Easy Fish Company The Fish Restaurant The Cafe Fish It can be seen that ‘fish’ and ‘seafood’ are fairly interchangeable […]

Picturehooks Conference 2017

Inside Publishing: An Illustrator’s Conference – May 20th 2017 This was an excellent conference held at the Manchester School of Art by PictureHooks in collaboration with the AOI. Speakers included: Tessa Strickland Tiffany Leeson Robert Hunter Zoe Aubugeau-Williams Amy Varied Mathew the Horse Sonny Ross Des McCannon So What Did I Learn>? Tessa Strickland, of […]

Museum Posters

I decided to visit Storiel in Bangor to collect reference for this exercise. It has recently moved to a new building, which turned out to be very spacious and the exhibitions are beautifully displayed. It also has an art gallery which, at the time of visiting, was hosting the North Wales Open exhibition. The staff […]