Hi and welcome, I’m Ceri.

photo of me in front of art

I’m an enthusiastic art journal fanatic and I’m here to share my art journaling experiences and tips.  I hope to help you get more out of your art journaling whether you are new to it or have been doing it a while and are interested in the way other people build their pages.  I believe art journaling can be a therapeutic process and that making art should be enjoyable so I encourage you to find what you enjoy. 

I am also an artist and illustrator and I share some of my illustration adventures here and sell some of my work on the shop part of my website.

I see this website as like me, a work in progress.  Although I build it myself I have to make changes when time allows so please do check back to see what’s new.

New on the Blog

Exuberant Art Journaling with Mosaics

Art journaling with mosaics is always fun and means you get to play with your lovely patterned papers. So the quote for this art journal mosaic page is:
Keep facing the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you ~ Walt Whitman
I think this a lovely, positive encouragement and I wanted to illustrate it in a bold way. After sketching a few ideas I decided on one that showed the visual metaphor most clearly. I just knew that working graphically with mosaics was going to be great way of depicting the sunshine versus the shadows.

Fun Wabi Sabi Inspired Art Journal Page

The quote for this wabi sabi inspired art journal page is: “You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream” ~ Malala Yusafzi

Why Wabi Sabi?

As I understand it, wabi sabi is an aesthetic perspective that sees beauty in imperfection and applies not only to physical objects but also to moments and experiences.

Textured Art Journal Page – 3 Fun Ways to Add Texture You’ll Love.

In this textured art journal page I will show you 3 ways to add texture. The quote for this page is:
The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot.
It reminds me that although time on Earth is limited you get to make decisions about how you spend it. Even if you are stuck in bed with illness or have a lot of things that you have to do every day you can still choose what to think about. All the great human inventions we have to be thankful for started out as an idea in someone’s thoughts so who’s to say that you can’t have an idea that changes the world? I loved the idea of celebrating this freedom in an art journal page and the techniques of adding texture that I have chosen hint at the depth of the unconscious mind and the process of revealing what is hidden there.