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Painting outside the lines
Lacey detail
Fourth layer
Adding charcoal to third layer

Commission Art to Love


This is a quote service for your piece of commissioned art, possibly of your pet or a loved one. I will take the £1 off the final price if you go ahead with the commission. I will also refund it if I am unable to offer you a quote. (See ball park figures below.)

The painting will be in oil, acrylic, other media or some combination of these.

Let’s start planning your piece !

Your Commission

The form below allows you to send me some details about the piece/s you want me to make. Please be as clear as possible so that I can give you the closest quote possible and so that I can tell if it’s a piece I can make for you effectively.

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Before you commission art by me here is some information about the process. My art commissioning process is based on a conversation with you and aims to deliver the most enjoyable art we can come up with.

Price Guides

Here are some example prices so you can decide whether to request a quote.

  • Unframed A2 Canvas Board: £250.

  • 30cm square wood panel: £100.

  • A1 wood panel with exclusive image rights: £2000

By exclusive I mean that I won’t reuse the design for myself or anyone else but I retain the copyright. Conversely non-exclusive designs I can reuse and sell items of on my shop.

The Process

  • We start with this quote where you specify the basic parameters and your overall wishes for the mood of the painting.
  • Next I will make you an offer and if you accept you will sign up to a payment plan which will parallel the painting progress.
  • I will ask you for photos of your subject and then send you roughs (sketches of the final). You select your favourite and have the opportunity to make requests for changes in the layout or request some more options. If you are not happy with any design at this stage we would cancel the contract.
  • Next we agree on a colour scheme then I start work on the piece. I will send you photo updates to keep you ‘in the loop’ if you like.
  • When the painting is finished you may want me to make small changes such as small artefacts you don’t like or a different eye colour.
  • I will then deliver the painting once the final payment has been made
  • .

I bring my style to the process so there’s no room for art direction but I will ensure you enjoy the process.


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