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Shy Guy Framed

Adorable Mixed Media Collie Painting – Shy Guy


This is an oil and acrylic painting on 45x60cms canvas board. The frame is NOT included. The painting has been varnished with a uv resistant coating.

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This mixed media collie painting is painted in oil on an acrylic background with charcoal line work. It is painted expressively and mixes abstraction with realism to produce a finished piece that recalls Egon Schiel with the use of charcoal outlines to some portions of the piece.

In this series of collie paintings based on my son’s dog I have played with warm and cool colours to depict his black and white coat. Like Yin/Yang it has been fun finding warm within cool areas and vice versa.

I hope this mixed media collie painting will find a home with someone who resonates with the humour in the expression.

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