3 Excellent Reasons to Celebrate World Cocktail Day

World cocktail day
A cocktail to enjoy
World cocktail day apparently has its origins on May 13th 1806 when the word ‘cocktail’ was coined. I couldn’t find out if it is a day that has been celebrated since then or if ‘World Cocktail Day’ itself is a newer institution. The lack of clarity notwithstanding, it cannot be denied that cocktails practically have their own religion as popular as they are.

So here are my reasons to celebrate World Cocktail Day:

  1. cocktail dresses
  2. cocktail parties
  3. cocktail waiters

Here’s a link to a page about the day on 2022 which also happens to be Friday 13th (traditionally an unlucky day) – you might just need a few cocktails to drown your sorrows!

World Cocktail Day Illustration Process – Procreate

Here’s a quick view of my illustration process in Procreate. You can see even though I had made thumbnails and sketches before starting a lot of decisions get made ‘on the fly’.

I have some further spot illustrations to add to this post so check back for an update in a couple of days.

Cocktail Sticker

World cocktail day animation
Here’s a little gif I made to celebrate the event:

I hope you enjoy World Cocktail Day :) Hugs, Ceri xx

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