It’s Too Expensive!

Sometimes it really IS too expensive ... but there are also other times when something's value is higher even than its price point. Let me try to explain my thi

Why You Should Buy Art …

Years ago I lived in Africa with my family for a few years. My dad loved the country and the wildlife with a special interest in the birds, having always been

The Colours Won’t Work

Just 'picture' this ... you see a painting/print that you just love BUT it is in bright oranges, reds and yellows. You think and think about where you could ha

Art on Products

I'm a big fan of functional items and must confess never been much of a one for ornaments so putting art on useful products makes great sense to me. I have spen

Getting to Know Acrylics

What are acrylic paints? They are a water based media that dries permanent with a plasticky finish. They are made from pigment in an acrylic polymer emulsion. A