The Creative Process Deconstructed

This post aims to deconstruct the/my creative process. The creative process can refer to any period/series of actions/thoughts that lead […]

Innovative Handmade Resin Pins Process

Introducing my handmade resin pins. . . Last year I developed my own process for making pins as I want to be able to turn my art into pins/brooches but the cost

Creativity Requires Courage

This journal page was inspired by the quote
Creativity requires the Courage to let go of Certainty
I think this is never mor

Trying Out New Styles – Manga Love

Sometimes it happens ... you can run out of enthusiasm for your usual way of creating. Then it's time to shake things up. Why not try a different style? I am

Getting to Know Acrylics

What are acrylic paints? They are a water based media that dries permanent with a plasticky finish. They are made from pigment in an acrylic polymer emulsion. A