The Colours Won’t Work

Just ‘picture’ this … you see a painting/print that you just love BUT it is in bright oranges, reds and yellows. You think and think about where you could hang it but all your rooms are in blues and greens. You decide you couldn’t live with something standing out so much on your wall but it is with a wistful sigh that you leave the painting on the shelf. Of course you might decide to buy it on a card or product if that option is available but it might not be.

Something about that painting spoke to you. Maybe it awakened your creative spirit or maybe it reminded you of someone you are fond of. Was it the style of the painting or the subject matter you were drawn to?

What if you could have a painting in the same style and with the same subject matter in colours that would fit on your wall? Many artists will work to a commission so it is always worth asking them. I would be happy to recreate paintings in different colour schemes, just visit my page to request a quote and let’s start a conversation about your custom piece.

I would be happy to offer a colour adjusted print of the original or a new original which would, naturally be somewhat different and therefore unique, at different price points.

At least it is something to consider. Here are some examples of colour adjusted versions of originals with the original first and then 2 options.

Rugged Ragwort

Seaside Centaury

I hope this has given some food for thought and possible options to you. Hugs, Ceri xx

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