Turning Your Art Journal Pages into Xmas Cards

Art journaling is a great way to explore your creativity largely because it can be very private: you make a page and then close your journal and no one else can judge you worthy or unworthy. But what if you want to share your art? I know I enjoy showing friends and family my art journal pages which is what lead me here – sharing with the world. Of course you don’t have to go that far!

A lovely way to share your art journal pages, especially if your friends/family live far away, is to turn them in to cards. In this post I am looking at how to make Christmas cards from art journal pages. First of all you will want to create your pages:
  1. Make some notes/mindmap of ideas – what does Xmas mean to you this year
  2. Decide on a theme – I chose Xmas animals from stories/songs. Other themes might be religious, imaginary, rustic, …
  3. Collect some reference images – you can choose how realistic you want to be
  4. Do some sketches or trace your images
  5. Plan a layout for your page before you begin
  6. Decide on technique – I use a simple, layered technique for my cards.

Here are the 3 designs I came up with:


I use blues and silvers to create a wintry feel to this page. Stamps of snowmen and wreaths form the second layer. I outline the text with a darker colour to make it stand out against the background but had to enhance this slightly in Affinity Photo.


I have put my partridge in a tree and given him a pear shaped bauble to hold after the song “…and a partridge in a pear tree”. These are not the most traditional of Xmas colours but hopefully the reference to the song is obvious…


The colours of this page are more traditional Christmassy colours: red, green, gold. The robin has collected some Xmas baubles and is singing his heart out. Robins occur in many Xmas stories and songs.


Once you have made your page you can photograph/scan it and make any tweaks with a computer. I used Affinity Photo to move my robin’s eye a bit higher. When photographing make sure that the page is well lit with no shadows falling across it and avoid glare – sometimes a camera flash can cause this, especially if you have used shiny media on your page or bright white.

I have found the best way to print cards is to print 3 on an A4 card then cut them with a guillotine rather than printing on a single card blank. Most printers will only print borderless On a specific range of paper sizes. Layout your page with the card fronts on the right and card backs on the left. If you want to print a greeting or message inside the card you will need to create a new A4 sheet with the greeting on the right. Use a test sheet to check which way to feed your card into the printer. On the left is an example layout that I use.

I hope this has given you some encouragement to make your own Christmas cards from art journal pages. If you like my designs you can order your cards here: 3 Xmas card designs 2020.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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