From Inspiration to Celebration

Today I want to share some of my creative process, not just the part where I actually make something but the background to it. All the ideas we get come from somewhere: the environment, plants, animals, political issues, internal landscape, hopes and dreams. For some time I have been particularly inspired by plants, especially flowers – I adore the colour and delicate form. I think I love butterflies for the same reason.

It was a warm, windless day and I was wandering along the bank of a small tributary near the coast. I noticed a movement through the corner of my I and recognised a Peacock butterfly. It landed on the May flower which was in full blossom and sat there with its wings outstretched. It must have been enjoying the sun and nectar because it stayed quite a while … long enough for me to take a few photos. Earlier in the Spring I had seen Common Blues on the birds foot trefoil and later in the year orange tips where ‘dancing’ around stray rape flowers.

Another day I went for a walk in a leafy valley. It was beautiful Spring day and birdsong floated around me as I walked. From a distance I could see the blue mist of bluebells under some trees. I headed over and when I got there knelt down to smell them. That moment of glorious scent, Spring sunshine and song stuck in my mind.

When I got back home I sat down to do some sketching, a bit of research and a nice cup of tea. Then I got my paints out …. Several months later after many more paintings I had an exhibition at Qube Gallery. That was a great way to celebrate my creativity but it could also have been done by sharing on Instagram or having friends over for tea and showing the paintings or maybe having them printed on a t-shirt and wearing it. There are many ways to celebrate. People can be lovely and I had many share words of encouragement which is very rewarding, although not a reason to make the art in the first place. I think you have to see what the World thinks of your work.

I have made the video to show the process visually and my hope is that it will inspire someone to go on their own artistic adventure.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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