Assignment 4: Magazine Illustration

I chose the topic ‘discovery’ for this assignment and started by mindmapping my ideas relating to it. I decided to make a still life using magnifying glass, binoculars, globe, compas and tweezers. As I could not get hold of tweezers and a compass I used a magnifying glass, binoculars, and a globe. Having arranged the […]

Character Development

I found some characters in ‘Full of Characters. Character Design by 100 Illustrators’ and some on Pinterest and catalogued them using the following hashtags on this Character Design Pinterest Board: #mancharacters #childcharacters #robotcharacters #animalcharacters #fantasycharacters #surrealcharacters I decided on developing a character of a ‘single mum’ so I mindmapped out some ideas and added to […]

Visual Distortion

As soon as I read ‘dog or cat’ for this exercise I thought of the book character ‘Whatamess’ the Afghan Hound. He was a scruffy and over enthusiastic puppy of this breed who had fun adventures and I thought it would be interesting to re-imagine him. So I started with a ‘realistic’ sketch of and […]

A Tattoo – MUM

The brief for this exercise was for a tatoo for a young man based around the word mum that could also be printed on a card for Mother’s Day. Some Tattoo History Tattoos have been in use in many cultures throughout history, as far back as the ancient Egyptians who may have used tattoos for […]

A Menu Card

The brief for this menu card graphic was that the restaurant is a high end, modern, contemporary fish restaurant. Any food should look appetising. I started off by finding some high end fish restaurants: The Easy Fish Company The Fish Restaurant The Cafe Fish It can be seen that ‘fish’ and ‘seafood’ are fairly interchangeable […]

Children’s Book Cover

Animals from Around the World I started with the usual development process of mindmap, moodboard and thumbnails, below.For the dimensions of the book, I decided to go with the dimensions of a National Geographic Encyclopedia I own. It is 24cm x 31cm. While exploring ideas I felt it would be useful to select animals from […]

Museum Posters

I decided to visit Storiel in Bangor to collect reference for this exercise. It has recently moved to a new building, which turned out to be very spacious and the exhibitions are beautifully displayed. It also has an art gallery which, at the time of visiting, was hosting the North Wales Open exhibition. The staff […]

Identifying Tools and Materials

Style is a much discussed topic among ilustrators. Some advocate having one style and sticking to it which clearly means finding a style to begin with. Others seem to have success by distinguishing between the different styles they can work in. For this exercise I selected gouache as a medium to research as I have […]