Fun Wabi Sabi Inspired Art Journal Page

The quote for this wabi sabi inspired art journal page is

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream
~ Malala Yusafzi

Why Wabi Sabi?

As I understand it, wabi sabi is an aesthetic perspective that sees beauty in imperfection and applies not only to physical objects but also to moments and experiences. This of course is a greatly simplified understanding. The wabi-sabi aesthetic is very appealing, especially with an environmentally friendly ethos in mind nowadays. The idea of things having value once they have been damaged or become old is very thought provoking and I think relates strongly to the quote for this page.

Some examples of wabi sabi artwork can be seen on TOFUGU where wabi sabi itself is explained in more detail. From wabi-sabi artists I admire Pam Carriker, who’s book on cold wax painting in a wabi sabi style is well worth a read, is one to look up.

What is Wabi Sabi in Art?

I think that it is up to artists to interpret different aesthetic values in the way that they want in their art, especially in their art journal. I would suggest that you find out a bit about the approach and then take the bits that appeal to you and use them in your art journal. This is what I have done on this page, taking the related technique of Kintsugi and applying to a teapot. In Kintsugi objects that are broken can be mended with lacquer and dusted with gold powder.

My Wabi Sabi Inspired Art Journal Page Process

wabi sabi inspired art journal page
Wabi sabi teapot
I started the page by drawing some ‘crack marks’ and filling the shapes created with Neocolour Aquarelle crayons which was then activated with gesso. I used white here but could have used clear instead. It is important to have a matt surface so that stray gold leaf doesn’t stick where you don’t want it. I have found a glossy surface will catch the gold leaf. I tore into pieces the teapot I had cut out of patterned paper. After reassembling the teapot on the page I applied metal size to the cracks of the teapot which I then applied gold leaf to after 15 minutes. I finished by adding a quote which i’m not entirely happy with. I shall either leave this as an imperfection or go around the letters with a Posca pen. I am also annoyed that the teapot is not more central but that’s just part of the story of the page.

Video of My Wabi Sabi Inspired Art Journal Page Process

I hope you have enjoyed this video and post. Maybe it has inspired you to look in to wabi sabi or maybe you will give gold leaf a go ? I’d love to hear about or see any pages you come up with using these ideas.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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