Year of the Water Tiger 2022 Art Journal Page

Tiger in the water
Today is the 1st Feb 2022 and as such it is the start of the Chinese New Year, also new Lunar year. This year is the year of the tiger and more specifically the year of the water tiger. This only occurs every 60 years and the last year of the water tiger was in 1962. Water is one of the elements along with metal, wood, fire and earth. There is further information on what the year of the tiger means in Chinese culture, online.

I decided to make a page in my art journal to mark the day. I love the bright, bold colours associated with the year of the tiger: cerulean blue, mint green, imperial yellow, bright red, black and white. I decided to use these colours to be in keeping with the meaning of the day (although they are approximate colours).

Here is a video of my process for this quick painting. It is ‘unredacted’ by which I mean unedited and only sped up slightly to save time watching. I hope you enjoy and maybe make your own water tiger rendition. Hugs, Ceri xx

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