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Art journaling has been such an adventure and healing process for me that I really want to encourage people to try it. And not just try it, I want to help you get a lot out of it. When I first started art journaling there was little about it online – content which I eagerly consumed. A lot of it was about techniques and supplies and I struggled to find inspiration for my own pages. I began interpreting poems and quotes and found this really helped me construct pages that … made sense … to Me.

You can too. Especially if you sign up for my FREE art journaling by email course, after which you can unsubscribe at any time.

I have put together a 6 week course specifically for this purpose and it will show you how to start off the creative process yourself. Each week there will be a different prompt, some ideas and sample pages with a technique suggestion. Even if you are not new to art journaling this could help you reinvigorate your creativity.

Don’t miss out. Sign up now.

Comments on Art Journaling by Email FREE Course

  • 24Steps says:

    Really it's All about you. Your art journal is a book or folder where you keep notes/pictures/drawings/paintings you have made. You only keep things you choose and you can start simply with a book, pen, pencil and glue stick. Hopefully the free course will give you some more insight and you'll be able to have fun with art journaling. Hugs, Ceri xx
    2020-03-02 21:38:31
  • Susan moss says:

    Need to learn what all Is involved in an art journal
    2020-03-01 18:31:01

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