Assignment 3

Well this one was fun! Serendipitously, my son is planning a classical music concert with some friends for September. Less fortunately the requirements for the poster changed, midway through my ‘process’… Initially I understood that it would be 2 friends playing a selection of Mozart and Haydn violin and viola duets at achurch in Penymynydd. […]

Mock up

First Attempt So I decided to mock up a book cover for the book I have written, for this exercise. The book is titled Rose’s New Family and was editted by Lucy York. Basically the blurb will be: Rose is a recently adopted 7 year old girl who can talk to animals. In this adventure […]

Client Visuals

I have interpretted client visual to mean rough sketch from the example shown in the course booklet. I have seen that people have varying degrees of ‘roughness’ however where it comes to ‘roughs’. I guess mine are a little on the rougher side but were all done freehand and very quickly with no tracing involved. […]


I chose ‘workshop’ as a theme for this exercise, more specifically ‘expressive art journalling’. I run art journalling workshops in the community and their focus is on experimenting with new materials and techniques to facilitate self-expression. I chose a variety of mediums and tools and arranged them on a table. Looking at the arrangement I […]

Giving Instructions

Giving instructions can be tricky, especially when you don’t know the recipients frame of reference. This is true also of giving directions when the starting point is not known. That was the problem in the brief for this exercise and it made me tackle questions of scale and level of detail. I started with the […]

Abstract Illustration

For this exercise we were asked to work inuitively which, according to Cambridge Dictionary means based on feelings rather than facts or proof. Flora Bowley is a modern painter who employes intuition in the production of her beautiful paintings. Abstract art, on the other hand, may be thoroughly planned on concepts of composition, colour theory, […]

Visual Hierarchy in an Image

The image contains: a dragon a throne pile of treasure cave 2 children heaps of armour I would say the image is about a dragon, possibly a baby – due to the small size of his wings, and he is asleep but could wake at any moment. From the heaps of armour, it would seem […]

Illustrating Visual Space

The way elements are placed within a frame has an effect on how the viewer understands the image. In particular placement can effect depth of the image, narrative, a sense of movement and scale. In this exercise we experimented with 3 subjects: a child running a tree a building I chose to work in Photoshop […]