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For this exercise I experimented with different handwritten styles to match the selection of words we were given. I then tried to match the words to fonts I have on the computer. I was a little unclear about the tasks that came next as, at times the exercise refers to ‘your word’ and at times it is ‘words’. I assumed I should choose a single word to explore further so I chose ‘FUN’ and printed it out large enough to trace (A4).

So to further explore the word fun I made a quick mindmap and created a private Pinterest board as a moodboard (below) and then hand drew ‘FUN’ again using colour and texture. I chose fluorescent colours for the background as these seem quite fun to me.

Update Following Feedback

I have added an illustration of ‘boring’ as a counterpoint to ‘fun’. I’ve chosen to show a long gray road on a dull day and have used courier new as the font, which to me is a very boring font.

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