Assignment 2 – Point of Sale Display

The second assignment involved creating 2 point of sale displays for a range of quality, seasonal fruit and veg. One was focussed on Summer and the other Autumn. The requirement for the image was that it should be an observational one done from a still life and the final image should be 12″ x 12″.

I started mindmapping out my ideas around summer and autumn and then added in ideas generated by a Google search for these seaasons. Next I created a mmodboard for each season by collecting images that made me think of the particular season.

Having generated some ideas I chose some salad veg for the Summer piece, as these have strong colours, and some apples, pears and grapes for the Autumn piece. I arranged these and painted them in acrylic from life on a 10″ sq support, which would allow for other elements within the 12″ final. I used a daylight bulb to give overhead lighting. Then I started making thumbnails of the final composition.

Having scanned the two still lifes at a high resolution (800 dpi) I opened them in Photoshop and selected them from the background. I decided to use two similar compositions that had pattern as a border to the image. This pattern gave me the opportunity to tie in other elements of the seasons. So I drew some icons, scanned them in to Illustrator and coloured and created a pattern. I exported each pattern border and used it in a Photoshop file which was 12″ x 12″, where I positioned all the elements.

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