Illustration1 Exercise List

There follows a list of links to all the exercises in the course. I have set each link to open in a new tab so that this page can remain open for easy access as I have other content on this website not related to the OCA course.

Final Reflection

Part 1

The history of illustration
Getting the gist
Assignment 1

Part 2

Writing a brief
Spider diagrams
Turning words into pictures
Drawing from reference
Exploring drawing and painting
Objective and subjective drawing
Working in black and white
Visual metaphores
Choosing content
Assignment 2

Part 3

Illustrating visual space
Visual hierarchy in an image
Image development
Abstract illustration
Giving instructions
Client visuals
Mock up
Assignment 3

Part 4

Identifying tools and materials
Museum posters
Children’s book cover
A menu card
A tattoo
Visual distortion
Character development
Assignment 4

Part 5

My own work
Editorial illustration
Travel guides
Text and image
Organic biscuits
Working for children
Education strip
Assignment 5

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