Artists Who Use Mixed Media

The Kiss painting
Gold leaf, silver, platinum and oil on canvas
We can learn a great deal by studying the work of other artists whether we just want to enliven our own personal art or produce art professionally. I really enjoy the work of Gustav Klimt as he used gold leaf, platinum and silver with his oil paints to produce very stylised work. And I have experimented with metal leaf and also foils in my own work. I mentioned some of the earlier mixed media artists in this blog post

There are many more mixed media artists around nowadays working innovatively with mixed media. Here are some inspiring artists to help you enliven your work:

  • Tamara Laporte – Willowing Arts works with many media like acrylic markers, water soluble crayons, acrylic, collage, gel pens. Creates whimsical female and animal characters.
  • Jane Davenport uses watercolours, acrylics, pastels, alcohol markers, and more. Produces colourful images of girls/women in a fashion style she has made her own
  • Phyllis Bramson has studied and taught art in depth and produces whimsical and fantastical works.
  • Ana Teresa BarbosaIncorporates threads and string with digital photography and other natural objects
  • Tracy Bautista is a very inspiring artist who uses mixed media to create beautiful, colourful art. She had also written a number of books which are well worth buying, being full of tips and ideas for making art.
  • Kelly Puissegur uses mixed media to create hilarious art.

As you can see mixed media artist is a broad term and covers many different types of art from the whimsical to the serious to the outrageous. Try a google search to see what other mixed media artists are out there …. can you get inspiration from them? I would love to hear, in the comments, about any you have found to be unusual, inspiring or simply art to die for.

Hugs, Ceri xx

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