Mother’s Day – Why it’s on Different Dates in the UK and US

March 26th, Mother’s Day in the U.K. but not all over the World. In America, for example, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. And it is not only the date that is different across the ocean. The tradition behind the celebration differs wildly too.

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In 1905, the mother of a lady called Anna Jarvis died, inspiring Anna to campaign for a day to recognise the hard work of mothers. In 1908 she held the first memorial at St Andrews church for her mother but it was not until 1911 that most U.S. states celebrated the day. In 1914 Mother’s Day was made a national holiday in the U.S.

In the U.K. Mothering Sunday, now commonly referred to as Mother’s Day, is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is because the day originated from Catholic traditions. This day in Lent was a day when Catholics would return to their ‘mother’ church (or main church in the area) for a special service. It became a day when people, particularly servants, were given a day of in order to attend this service. Due to the scarcity of days off this was for many people the only day they would see there own mothers and a tradition of giving gifts became established.

In more recent time Mother’s Day has become associated with the giving of flowers. I think the ideas of flowers ‘coming’ to mothers is nicely depicted in the quote by Anna Rogers:
Mothers are the gardeners of the human race
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